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Video from CCTV cameras is of little use to law enforcement authorities after a security event has occurred because most cameras have a limited field of view, and the security event may have occurred outside of its monitored range. Even if the event was captured on video, most cameras lack sufficient resolution to identify facial features, license plate numbers and other actionable details.

To overcome these difficulties, authorities will sometimes deploy a large number of conventional cameras to monitor the area of interest. The cost of installing infrastructure (trenching, posts, cabling and power) for each of these cameras can be ten times higher than the cost of the cameras themselves.

By contrast, one SentryScope can continuously monitor a large field of view with ultra-high resolution video. SentryScope allows the operator to digitally zoom into any portion of a live or stored image to see actionable details that can be used for immediate response or for criminal prosecution after an event. Unlike pan, tilt, and zoom cameras that are controlled by an operator and often pointed in the wrong direction, SentryScope continuously records the entire 90 degree field of view. No information is lost even when zooming into a sub-section of the image.

Street Scene

SentryScope is available with color imaging and night vision. The system is ideal for perimeter, border, and other applications where there is little or no light. Infra-red illuminators are now commercially available that can cover the wide angle SentryScope field of view. The filtering method utilized by SentryScope allows it to operate under IR illumination with no manual adjustments providing security personnel with incredible digital zoom capabilities in low light conditions.

Borders, embassies, courthouses and other critical infrastructure will benefit from SentryScope. One SentryScope can replace several conventional cameras and significantly lower the total cost of surveillance while providing numerous advantages in security and convenience.


  • Monitors wide areas in ultra-high resolution 100% of the time
  • 60 times the resolution of ordinary cameras
  • Faces and license plates identified 200 feet away, general activity to 1/2 mile
  • Night Vision
  • 90 degree field view with no edge distortion
  • No PTZ control reduces labor costs


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